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the bracelets

doublehighfive bracelets are made by hand from recycled rubber flip flops by women in Mopti, Mali. our sourcing partner is fair trade certified and has been doing business with local African artisans for 12 years. discarded flip flops are melted down and made into these washable, wearable bracelets. the women producing these bracelets are paid a fair price, providing a means of support for those involved.

since they're rubber bracelets made from recycled flip flops, they are washable, durable, and soft. don't be surprised if people ask if they can feel them once you say they're made from recycled flip flops!  you can wear them in the shower, the pool, at the beach, or working out.  they roll on and off with ease - especially if you use a generous dollop of lotion or soapy water.



   photos courtesy of Birgit Snitker

our jam

an avid world traveler, critical shopper, and passionate consumer, our founder often discovered hidden gems through friends and travel. beginning with a set of 6 bracelets her sister gave her for Christmas in 2007, she fell in love with the soft, flexible, colorful flip flop bracelets and the story behind them. over the course of several years, she'd accumulated more and more wherever she could find them.  

by the spring of 2012, her set of 27 bracelets became an identity in their own, eliciting compliments and inquiries from co-workers, strangers, and dentists alike. when people asked her where they could get the same show-stopping sets, she didn't have an answer.  the few online purveyors didn't allow customers to pick and choose bracelets by color or offer curated sets that struck her balance between charitable and chic. doublehighfive bk began as a favor for friends and co-workers as our founder sourced and curated chic sets by request. the trend went viral, bringing her taste-making charitable fashion to fun-loving doublehighfivers everywhere.

about chloe

founder Chloe Thompson has always had a penchant for both emerging designers and American (and Finnish) classics. she's spent her career in strategy for heavy-hitters in the fashion and retail industry.

also, even though we use the royal "we" - it's just me here. hi!




most of the website photography (aka, the good photos) are courtesy of my talented dear friend Denny of Dennis Kwan Photography.






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