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if you have a problem with your bracelets, we'll happily exchange or return for a refund.

email us at or text or call us at (917) 409-8799, and we'll do what we can to make sure you are happy and get what you wanted!



each set of bracelets is individually tied, tagged, and bagged in our signature packaging that make doublehighfives the perfect ready-to-go gifts - you don't even need to ask!

is your order a gift? we're working on a more intuitive way to enter this during checkout, but in the meantime, let us know in the NOTES section of your shopping cart - we'll leave pricing off of the invoice and if you tell us what to say, we'll include a gift note to the recipient. as noted above, all of our orders are packaged and wrapped like gifts, so they're perfect! if you can't find the notes section in your shopping cart, email us at with your gift message right after placing your order and we'll make it happen.



for wholesale inquiries, please email or call (917) 409-8799.



  • my wrists are 6.5" in circumference. I can wear standard with ease. petite can be rolled on one at a time, but are very very snug.
  • sizes:
    • uber-petite are ~4" to 5" in circumference and work well for tweens and teens or very petite people.
    • petite range from ~5" - 6.5" in circumference, and are best for petites or young teenagers.
    • standard range in size from ~6.5" - 8" in circumference, and when rolled on,  fit most wrists. 
    • medium are ~8" - 9" in circumference, and are these are often what our male customers buy.
  • keep in mind, the bracelets stretch when rolled on properly (with soapy water), so don't worry about the size of your hands!
  • if ordering a set of 27, it is recommended to size up one size, since the more bracelets you wear, the less you'll want something super-snug (especially if you plan on wearing them all the time, like we do.)
  • always feel free to email us at with questions.
    • all of our bracelets are dual-gender, but we got lots of requests for men's sizes, so here ya go.
    • generally, size medium should fit most larger bros.
    • men's large range in size from ~8" - 10" in circumference.
    • men's extra large are ~10" - 12" in circumference.
  • dh5 minis are best for the kiddos, and range in size from 3/4" to 1.5" in diameter. uber-petite ladies have been known to wear the minis, but most little women are happy with the petite size of our bracelets.
  • for more color options, note that most kids over the age of 8 can wear our petite or uber-petite bracelets.


please note that these are just guidelines, and exact measurements will vary in order to ensure consistency and the overall look of the set.

if you're unsure about what size to order, give us a call or text us at (917) 409-8799 or email us at


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