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how to wear

what to expect

  • every single doublehighfive bracelet and necklace is made individually, by hand, in Mali
  • therefore, no two bracelets will ever be exactly the same, and exact colors will always vary slightly. we try to show lots of images so you can see that variation!
  • if ordering an offering from our Classic Mixed collection, note that the mix will always vary based on what is in stock - we curate each set individually! If you are looking for a specific combination to match one of our photos, please just email us at and we'll do our best to match it!
  • sizing details are below. without an assembly line or a factory, sizing will always vary. We offer ranges as guidance, as the unique nature of these bracelets is what makes them so wonderful. If the sizing you get doesn't work for you, just let us know - we're happy to do exchanges and returns to make sure you get the perfect stack of dh5s!

getting our bracelets on and off easily & avoiding breaking

  • we recommend using a little (or a lot of) soapy water or hand lotion.
  • also, be sure to roll the flip flop bracelets on to avoid breaking them. this isn't necessary with our in the bag bracelets.
  • since they're made from recycled flip flops, they are washable, durable, and soft. don't be surprised if people ask if they can feel them once you say they're made from recycled flip flops!  you can wear them in the shower, the pool, at the beach, or working out.  

    deciding between sets of 8, 14 & 27? here's how they stack up...

    you can wear them all the time!
    • we wear ours day in and day out - to the gym, to sleep, at the beach, and in the shower!
    • be sure to soap them up in the shower.
    • they're so feather light and waterproof that they're practically the ONLY accessory you can wear with ease if you have an active lifestyle.
    • check out our doublehighfivers link to see how easily doublehighfive bracelets pair with everything from work wear to party dresses
    • layer your doublehighfives with your watch and other go-to wristwear, from chunky beads to sparkly gold and silver.
    • doublehighfivers have been known to layer in with personal and sentimental tokens - think friendship bracelets and ribbons. 
    • show us how you layer YOURS by tagging @doublehighfive or #doublehighfive on instagram or posting to
    colors and mixing tips
    • create your own unique sets by buying multiple sets of 8 and pairing them differently.
    • for the most options, start with a set of classic mixed.
    • one of our favorites is mixing in one or two pink bracelets with the blues, sand & safari,  or blues & greens.
    • we're also happy to help you with custom sets not shown online. just email us at











    ~3" to 5"

    within 1 inch below or ½ inch above circumference range



    ~5" - 6.5"


    (most popular)


    ~6.5" - 8"



    ~8" - 9"



    ~8" - 10"



    ~10" - 12"


    please note that these are just guidelines, and exact measurements will vary in order to ensure consistency and the overall look of the set.
    my wrists are 6.5" in circumference. I can wear standard with ease. petite can be rolled on one at a time, but are very very snug.
    • keep in mind, the bracelets stretch when rolled on properly (with soapy water), so don't worry about the size of your hands!
    • if ordering a set of 27, it is recommended to size up one size, since the more bracelets you wear, the less you'll want something super-snug (especially if you plan on wearing them all the time, like we do.)
    if you're unsure about what size to order, give us a call at (917) 409-8799 or email us at


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